Stepper motor controller

Up to now it was only possible to determine whether the stepper motor of a BMW ESA or WESA shock absorber was damaged when the shock absorber was installed.

But now we have a diagnostic tool for the damping motors of ESA shock absorbers in our programme.

The new "WESA and WESA-X Controller" works not only with the BMW ESA and WESA shock absorbers, but also with the WESA-X shocks.

These are an exclusive Wilbers further development of the ESA technology, which will not only be used on older BMW cars without ESA, but also on for example the new Triumph Explorer. Here too, damping and spring preload can be adjusted electronically at the push of a button.

The controller will be delivered with a high quality power supply and a small cable harness for Showa and WP original plugs.

499,00 €

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