ESA Repair

The BMW ESA system (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) consists of an electronic control unit that can be operated via a button in the handlebars. This instrument displays the suspension status (damping and spring preload) and can be adjusted by the driver according to his own wishes. Adjustment is carried out by small stepper motors located in the lower part of the shock absorber. Over the years, dirt and moisture can penetrate the shock absorber and cause the stepper motor to become defective. If this happens after the warranty period has expired, it will quickly become very expensive. We have become aware of this problem through the development of our WESA technology and have found a way to repair the defective shock absorber at low cost: We disassemble the shock absorber, remove the defective motor and install a new ESA motor. We also exchange the cable bushing for a revised version.


249,00 €

including assembly

299,00 €

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