WESA Dynamic Feedback


The development of a WESA suspension for the BMW R 1200 GS LC was an enormous challenge for our technicians and engineers. The reason for this is the ESA Dynamic suspension from ZF with its complicated internal processes and settings.
Nevertheless, we managed to develop perfect WESA suspension for both standard heights and lowering of 35 mm or 70 mm while retaining the original ergonomics.
Additionally we have integrated a feedback adjustment. This allows everyone to choose between Skyhook and Sport tuning!





Experience the road


The WESA Dynamic Feedback is, as usual, individually adjusted to the driver's weight, the loading conditions and the intended use. Whether you weigh 50, 80, 100 or 120 kilograms, whether you are riding with a passenger or luggage load - we just need to know so that we can determine the spring rates based on your expectations and increase your driving safety!

In addition to the standard height, the suspension is available in two lowering variants of 35 mm and 70 mm, making the BMW R 1200 GS LC accessible to everyone. By lowering the vehicle via the shock absorbers, the original ergonomics are retained. Individual tuning, plus feedback, and the correct vehicle height will have an effect on your driving behaviour and increase your safety to the maximum.


With the newly developed feedback adjustment in the expansion tank, you determine yourself how strong the feedback of your suspension elements is. You can achieve maximum comfort (original BMW) in the soft tuning. 22 clicks provide more feedback step by step, allowing you to feel the surface texture of the road more and more! The feedback adjustment also provides significantly more reserves for off-road driving without losing comfort or responsiveness.