Cars, quads and sidecars

Many owners of classic sports cars are looking for perfection. They want a product without compromise. What we have achieved for over 25 years in the motorbike sector, we have also been able to provide in vehicles with 4 wheels. 

For some years now we have been supplying this constantly growing market with our Suspensions "Made in Germany" from Nordhorn.

Today's suspension technology enables an improved handling, as you know it only from the most modern technical solutions. After such a conversion, a classic car lies better on the road, handling and cornering ability are decisively optimised.

For the following models, among others, we offer an optimised solution:


  • Lamborghini Gallardo 
  • Ferrari 
  • Lotus Evora 
  • Mercedes Benz SLS 
  • Opel Speedster


Turn your classic Suspension into a modern one with perfect responsiveness!

Classic does not have to be uncomfortable!